A very merry unbirthday to me, to me! Yes you are probably all thinking, ‘now she really has lost the plot’…but it’s actually this little baby blog’s first birthday! New Girl on The Blog did… View Post

Sometimes its the little unexpected things you do, when you’re being spontaneous that end up being the most fulfilling and a lot of fun. The morning i’m about to show you was just one of… View Post

The bitter cold of January has arrived. Venturing out becomes that much harder…to walk out your front door you need layers, hats, gloves, scarfs but then once you are on the tube smushed against other… View Post

I thought I would share with you one of my favourite Christmas recipes. I probably won’t be making it this christmas because I simply don’t have the time, but it went down a storm a… View Post

St Katherine Docks is a beautiful place in London that escapes many people’s radar, but not this year. Tomorrow and Friday the 17th and 18th of December there will be an amazing Christmas Market down… View Post

Sometimes London can be so claustrophobic, high rise buildings, constant road works, engineering works, crammed tubes, work that never ends…every now and again I crave a weekend break. You don’t need to go far…less than… View Post

My Christmas gift guide for him – boyfriend/brother/best friend – take your pick! I hope this at least gives you some inspiration! From Left-Right – Top-Bottom MK Backpack – perfect for travelling around Rewined Candle… View Post

Singing carols is what always reminds me of Christmas. Throughout school I always looked forward to our annual Carol Service at Guildford Cathedral, I love how haunting yet joyful carols can be. I feel upset… View Post

So i’m sure you’ve all heard of Winter Wonderland, it happens in Hyde Park every year and its a Christmas fun fair extravaganza. But a there’s a new rival in town, in East London, in… View Post

Good morning and Happy 1st December to all you lovely people! So something special is about to happen on the blog. Every day, yes that’s right every day, in between now and christmas (that’s 24… View Post

So I am super excited to tell you that I have had the absolute pleasure of being asked to work with the brand spanking new Motown the Musical. Hold your horses it doesn’t open till February… View Post

On GBBO’s Pastry week all I could think about was cooking up a Bakewell Tart. Though I did love the volovants, Matt’s flavour combinations were amazing, I really fancied making a Bakewell. I could honestly… View Post

I bought this skirt at London Fashion Weekend earlier this year. Its an event I would highly recommend to anyone (anyone can buy tickets) because there are lots of fashion industry talks with bloggers and… View Post

Hello lovely people! Today I am sharing with you my version of Mary Berry’s Spanische Windtorte. Its called a Pavlova, and it is without doubt my favourite dessert of all time! Ask any one of… View Post

Yesterday I tackled last week’s quick bread challenge. I thought about doing baguettes as they really are one of my weaknesses but I needed to buy a ‘Linen Couche’ to do it, and unfortunately they… View Post

It’s Sunday morning, the sunlight is trying to creep through the window, but it’s looking like it might rain. Quickly pop to the shops and get yourself some bacon, eggs, orange juice and whatever else… View Post

This series has been a little dormant of late (massive understatement), sometimes a lady never tells 😉 But I have also been away pretending to be Parisian, so excuse me for only just re-entering the… View Post

Everybody loves the sunshine but life in the sun’s glorious rays is not complete without a good book! It is vital for your health, for your glow, for your tan (something has to entertain you… View Post

To readers of this series, thank you for staying with me, this month’s obsessions are something special! I am always scouring Soundcloud and YouTube for new songs, but last week YouTube really stepped up and… View Post

So rumour has it there is a new little foodie app creeping around London, organising amazing deals and offers with cool independent cafes, restaurants and bars. What could be better than an app that tells… View Post

After a very late night, today we headed to Bruton, branded ‘The New Notting Hill’ by Vogue! First destination was Hauser & Wirth, it’s an incredible almost village like place, with an art gallery, restaurant,… View Post

So its back, after a few months away…April’s music obsessions are as follows: 1) Tom Misch – The Journey – so i’ve been feeling super mellow recently, not in a sad way, just weirdly “chilled… View Post