This weekend can only mean one thing…


It’s actually quite crazy how the British like to go completely overboard on festive holidays, Halloween….Christmas…Easter – the shops just go mental. Being a loyal Waitrose customer for many years now, Christmas preparation starts in OCTOBER and as soon as that it out of the way, the christmas aisle swiftly turns into the Easter aisle. Creme eggs appear everywhere, mini eggs infiltrate every corner shop in the entire country. It is virtually impossible to not celebrate one of these holidays in some way or another.

For me, Christmas and Easter are the two times in the year where as many family members as possible, get together in the same place. So it’s always a fun celebration, musical chairs is a firm family favourite – my mum (who I am sure will read this) is the biggest cheat and often pushes my little cousins out of the way just so that she can win!

But the best thing about festive holidays for me is the chance to do something a little creative. People who know me well, know that I love little DIY projects, arts and crafts, baking, wrapping and decorating. So for the past few weeks I have been thinking about inspiration for my very own Easter Hamper Basket to take to my Aunt’s on Easter Sunday.

It is definitely going to involve cupcakes, maybe lemon curd cupcakes with yellow buttercream icing and then the chocolate cornflake “nest” cakes which go down so well! I found these cute ideas on pinterest…..

I love the idea of these cupcake cases from Waitrose only £2.50…

I am going to start with a nice big wooden food produce crate, scatter some straw across the bottom and some nice brightly coloured chocolate eggs a bit like this…

Then I will dot around some cute cupcakes…on holiday last summer I also collected some cute little green glass bottles which I am going to stick upright into the crate with some tulips or daffodils because they remind me of Spring (I knew I would find a use for those little green bottles and I can now justify why I carried them through Croatia in my rucksack)!

I might buy a few of these little Lindt Bunnies only £2.50…

I have also bought a few little crazy items to put in from John Lewis….if you want to do something special for Easter John Lewis is the place to go their home section is full of whacky and cute easter themed ideas, all colour co-ordinated, its amazing!

Easter Sunday is not complete without an egg hunt, these little felt buckets for collecting eggs are especially cute if you have got siblings or younger cousins!

Anyway hopefully this gives you a few ideas to do something fun at Easter, watch this space to see how my Easter Hamper works out!