Happy Birthday to the Queen!

Happy Birthday to the Queen!

In honour of the Queen’s birthday, I thought it seemed fitting to share with you my trip to the Palace of Versailles last weekend!

Wow, what a place! It’s just incredible to imagine someone with that much wealth, the scale and grandeur of everything is insane, no wonder there was a Revolution! I went 10 years ago on a school trip, admittedly not much has changed, but I wanted to see it again…

It was a Saturday, so the queues were especially long, you must go early, but for people under 26 with proof that you live in the EU (i used my driving license) it’s free!! It only costs 7 euro to get there on the RER Line C, so its well worth a visit!

A little cheeky celfie in the Hall of Mirrors!

I won’t bore you with loads of photos of the interior, the garden’s where its at…

I did really enjoy being a tourist for the day, so excuse the touristy photos….

Somehow I managed to still get burnt though, even though I really tried to cover up! haha…look at that back, my neck was so sore for days!

There was a special light and fountain spectacle going on as well, with baroque style music being played really loudly through hidden speakers in the trees, it really did make the visit even more special 🙂

I would recommend if you do go though to take a little picnic and sit on the banks of the canal, because the food is a little pricey inside! Loads of people were doing that, there was even a super cute little engagement party going on!!

Dress from HnM/ Vintage Sunnies/ Matalan Sandals / a Turkey Mulberry Special 😉

So there ya go hunnies, my day at Versailles, doing the tourist shabanggg!!

I’ll be back soon with more Parisian adventures xxx