The only list you’ll need this Summer!

The only list you’ll need this Summer!

Everybody loves the sunshine but life in the sun’s glorious rays is not complete without a good book! It is vital for your health, for your glow, for your tan (something has to entertain you whilst you lie on that sunbed) to be transported to a life far from your own, for just a small smidgen of time..

I am an avid reader, that sounds like something I put on my UCAS form, or the CV that I made in Year 10. But at least I was being honest, unlike some I am sure.

When I was young, sleep came second after reading my book at night. The Harry Potter books were my mum’s worst nightmare, even though i’ve read them countless times, I still had to stay up until 5am when the last page had been devoured.

I know everyone’s reading tastes differ, but hopefully I can offer you something…

Up first is I am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes (read in Marbella 2014)…a James Bond/Matt Damon/CIA thriller, truly gripping, you won’t put it down. But it is the only book you’ll need to take on holiday as it is 800 or so pages long…

Next up, Me Before You by JoJo Moyes (read in Argentina 2013), a very easy read, but a lovely love story all the same, I did shed a few tears one night in Buenos Aires in the darkness a little afraid of where I was staying, extremely jetlagged and too obsessed with the book to put it down.

US, by David Nicholls (read in Marbella 2015). If you liked One Day you will like this, very funny it had me chuckling in places, an unusual love story with twists and turns. Yes, I did cry at the end on the flight home when everybody else was trying to sleep. (I am slightly concerned how much I cry at books now). I found this quote really moving, “The fact was I loved my wife to a degree that I found impossible to express, and so rarely did”..

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, you’ve probably seen the film, but it just doesn’t compare to the book, READ IT, and his second one A Thousand Splendid Suns…for months and months after reading The Kite Runner, I just couldn’t read a book that matched up to how good it was. So so moving.

The Redeemer by Jo Nesbo, really gritty crime, you can read this book alone or start from the beginning of his series about the detective Harry Hole, I have personally read quite a lot of them and this one so far has been the best. You don’t really need to read all the others to read this, but once you’ve read one book of his you’ll be pining for more…

The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair – read by my friend on our recent holiday, she couldn’t stop raving about it. So it’s on my list now for my next holiday, apparently its really creepy and I love a good true story!

The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell, another book on my summer list, different to books I normally read but i’m quite excited!

I won’t bore you with anymore, but if you have read all these, and want more suggestions just ask me, i’ve got loads!