The Great British Bake Along

The Great British Bake Along

Oh yes, you heard me right!

Every week alongside the Great British Bake Off, I will try to bake one of the three challenges.

Why on earth are you doing that I hear you ask? Well the answer is that I love baking but I never really make time to do it, which means I never really get the chance to improve.

So I haven’t decided yet if this is going to be really enjoyable, or whether I am just giving myself added stress (which I quite like to do anyway!)

This week I chose the Madeira cake, i’m not a fan of a Black Forest Gateau, and I thought it was best to start simple.

Very simple in fact, I just followed this recipe…

This is all the ingredients you will need:

Don’t forget to really grease your tin and make sure that the consistency of your batter is so that it ‘drops off the spoon’, you don’t want it to be really thick..

Plop it into your loaf tin, sprinkle it with a bit of love, sparkle and fairy dust…

Watch it rise in the oven for 40 mins (it really does take this long – mine took about 45 and could maybe have done with another minute or two)

I like to think Paul Hollywood would be impressed with my lovely crack 😉

And here is the finished product, topped with some lemon icing sugar and mixed peel. Very simple this week, it had a good verdict from my housemates. My crumb was maybe not as dense as it could have been, and my candied lemon peel failed as i forgot it was in the oven, so definite improvements to be made. But first time I have ever made a Madeira!

It is compulsory to be eaten with a cuppa!