GBBO Bake Along: Elderflower Syllabub Pavlova

GBBO Bake Along: Elderflower Syllabub Pavlova

Hello lovely people! Today I am sharing with you my version of Mary Berry’s Spanische Windtorte. Its called a Pavlova, and it is without doubt my favourite dessert of all time! Ask any one of my friends they will be able to verify!

I got the recipe from the front of last month’s Delicious Magazine, an amazing magazine I buy every once in awhile as it has gorgeous recipes and pictures to make anyone feel hungry!

So here goes 🙂 I separated the egg whites from the egg yolks first, into a separate bowl in case you make any accidents!

Then you whisk them up to form stiff peaks, slowly adding the caster sugar, until you get a lovely glossy yummy meringue mixture!

It’s actually healthy to eat egg whites didn’t you know…

Anyway chuck the mixture onto a baking tray, into the oven for an hour and a half on a low heat, then turn the oven off and leave to cool completely for about 4-5 hours!

Then start cracking on your whipped cream. This is not any type of cream by the way, this is Elderflower Syllabub whipped cream. You will need some elderflower cordial, double cream, a splash of dessert wine, some icing sugar and a squeeze of lemon juice – whizz it all together and add more of what you think according to taste!

Then smother this on top of the meringue, and top it with some nectarines, plums, blueberries or cherries, whatever takes your fancy.

Cut yourself a very big slice, make a lovely cuppa, and go and catch up on Eastenders, I know you all secretly watch it!

Verdict: very yummy scummy, I had to stop myself from eating the lot or I wouldn’t have been able to sleep from the sugar rush!

Next Tues/Weds I will be sharing with you by sugar free Beetroot Brownies! Can’t wait!