GBBO Bake Along: Honeyed Beetroot Brownies

GBBO Bake Along: Honeyed Beetroot Brownies

The week before last was ‘free from’ – sugar-free and gluten-free cakes. It was a new and interesting theme for bake-off and i’m not sure I liked it. I have tried in the past to make lots of low calorie cakes but they never tasted any good. So this time I thought I am not going to scrape on the sugar because ultimately I still want to bake something yummy and delicious that everyone wants to eat. So I thought why not bake fudgey beetroot brownies using honey! Honey is still a form of sugar but coupled with beetroot it seemed quite healthy! There was no butter or eggs in this mixture either so dairy-free as well!

This is all you will need:

First you need to puree the cooked beetroot. I heated mine up a little bit with some water on the hob, and I used the juice to wet the batter later on.

Then mix all your dry ingredients into a bowl..

After that whisk in your pureed beetroot and honey…

Spoon it into a baking tray, pop it into the oven for 25 mins and hey presto your ready!

This was such a quick and healthy bake, I would definitely do it again!

My gorgeous global ethicist friends were coming over for Lunch to celebrate the hand-in of our dissertation and they loved them! Here’s a few pictures of the little spread I put on for everyone! I am in my element when hosting little parties, there isn’t anything else I enjoy more then a bit of baking, presentation and good company!