Christmas Eve Outfit

Christmas Eve Outfit

Planning outfits is one of my favourite time wasting things to do…once I get started all the clothes are out of the cupboard, out of the drawers and my room is a mess. So i’ve still got a few outfit posts to share with you…

On Christmas Eve I thought I would keep things simple but still fun as my mum and I will be doing the rounds and visiting loads of our family and friends for quick drinks and nibbles. We do manage to eat properly at someone’s house, but there is a lot of ferrying about with gifts and flowers!



You can still buy the skirt in Zara – it comes in a variety of different colours..and is an extremely flattering shape on most!

Just match it up with a little top that shows a hint of skin or cover up in a chunky roll neck knit…add tights and boots and you’ll look lovely i’m sure!