Suede on Suede

Suede on Suede


I’m not normally one for matchy-matchy outfits but since I got this bag, my obsession for green suede is getting out of control. Its totally appropriate to wear it all at once right? I hope so anyway. It’s not just green suede either, its the colour green in general, everywhere I turn someone is wearing a green bomber or parka and I can’t help but be green with envy…;)

I can’t rave more about the current trend of jeans either – high rise, cropped and kick flared is a perfect fit for me, it means no more annoying gappy bit at the back of your jeans. This pair are the new Dree style from Topshop, i’ve just bought this style too... Unfortunately my ankles are getting a bit chilly of late..

To top it all off – I’ve also just had a major clean out of my wardrobe and i’ve chucked out every crappy breton stripe top I previously owned and replaced it with this gorgeously soft roll neck version from Muji. January is the supposed to be the month of detoxing and in my resolutions post I said I wanted to streamline my style, so that means out with the old and in with the new. I’m glad that I’m at least pursuing one of my 2016 goals passionately!





Boots – Office

Suede Coat – Vintage

Suede Bag – Sandro

Jeans – Dree Topshop

Breton stripe jumper – Muji