Strolling around Wapping

Strolling around Wapping

Sometimes its the little unexpected things you do, when you’re being spontaneous that end up being the most fulfilling and a lot of fun. The morning i’m about to show you was just one of those days. The primary plan was to meet up with one of my long time friends at the Annie Leibovitz exhibition in Wapping, beyond that there were no plans, but I always keep my camera handy.

The exhibition, as i’m sure you can imagine, was amazing. Her portrayal of women across the decades has lead to some of the most iconic photographs that speak a thousand words. Wapping Power Station is the perfect exposed brick backdrop for the pictures to really be the main focus. The exhibition is consuming, we sat for at least an hour on plastic chairs watching several cycles of photos.


We meandered back through towards Wapping in hunt of a coffee and a sandwich. We found this lovely little Deli, just minutes away from the exhibition.


We settled on a delicious freshly baked panini, with our choice of filling and wandered off in the hope of finding a better spot for coffee.


Wapping is actually quite a residential area so finding a decent coffee spot took some time, but boy was it worth the wait. Our first distraction along the way was an amazing wharf building, mainly offices, but a plaque on the door said the river terrace was open to the public. So of course we went to check it out and we couldn’t have chosen a better day to bask in the glorious winter sunshine…


By now we were actually quite desperate for a coffee, so we headed off in the direction of Tower Hill, we found a lovely little scenic canal route that lead us all the way to St Katherine’s Docks, where we knew we would definitely be able to find coffee. It was jogger’s paradise but not so much for the little ducks!


Finally at St Katherine’s Docks we found White Mulberries, apparently its London’s best coffee, according to lots of award stickers in the window. The warmth was welcoming, we unwrapped ourselves and sat down to enjoy the coffee we had been waiting for and a little elevensies treat to go with it!


You simply couldn’t have planned a better day!