The Mother of All Cake’s

The Mother of All Cake’s

The Mini-Egg Cake.

It’s Easter, I know you are all partial to a mini-egg, so why not try baking this for the weekend. It’s a guaranteed winner. I assure you. It’s very easy to assemble, just watch out for the disappearing mini-eggs (don’t know what happens to them) and it’s certainly very impressive.

I loosely followed this recipe – but instead of chocolate buttercream to decorate and sandwich together – I just used whipped cream and stirred in melted butter and chocolate (it tastes seriously good on its own).

Let the journey of baking begin….

Start with the cake batter, spread them evenly into your tins and leave them to cool. Now make the yummy whipped cream and melted chocolate.


Use the cream to sandwich your two cakes together – make sure you leave enough chocolatey cream to cover the top and sides of your cake! You need to cover the whole cake so that the mini-eggs can go right the way round.

Then start to put your mini-eggs in place – they should stick down in the cream fairly easily. Try not to put two of the same colour next to each other – though this does get a bit difficult towards the end. Make sure they are evenly spaced so that you get a nice presentation at the end.


There’s only one thing left to do after that = and that’s eat it with friends and family.

A real easter treat – I hope some of you give it a go and don’t forget to show me the results!

Happy Easter to you all – from the Blogging Bunny Xxxx