Discovering Monti and The Vatican City

Discovering Monti and The Vatican City

On the second night of our trip we discovered an amazing restaurant in Monti, one of the trendier less well known areas of Rome. I still can’t forget the tiramisu. So the next morning we decided that we would come back to explore the area better and go hunting for some vintage gems.




We were recommended to visit Pfeibo and King Size vintage shops, as being the biggest and full of treasure. Personally I was a little disappointed. The shops were bursting with denim jackets, denim jeans, vintage tees and jumpers and blouses. But I feel a bit disenchanted with vintage at the moment because nothing is ‘unique’ or ‘individual’ anymore. Every vintage shop feels like it has its own warehouse mass producing the same type of ‘edgy’ clothes. You can’t get one off pieces so easily anymore. I know there are some vintage shop exceptions, particularly in Antwerp. But suffice to say I left empty handed.

We then discovered an ‘urban market’ which was much more interesting and fun to look around!




Those gold earrings were amazing and I would have bought them if they weren’t clip ons – i’d be so annoyed if I lost one!

The heavens decided to open so we dashed into a coffee shop for a quick break, before heading to the Vatican to do our last major tourist activities.

The Vatican museum was an exceptionally dull hour and a half of my life. First impression was thousands and thousands of people trying to cram through the security checks, ticket barriers and first few hallways. It was insufferable and you certainly would not have liked it if you get a bit claustrophobic. The highlight is obviously the Sistine Chapel, it is unbelievable how high and intricate the frescos are. God knows how long that would have taken to paint! Of course you aren’t allowed to take photos and you must be silent!

It was nice to be finished with the tour and be out in the fresh air again. We weren’t in very high spirits so we were quite disheartened when we saw the next queue for St. Peter’s Basilica, however, this one was worth the wait. The structure and architecture really blows you away, the scale of it is huge, on the inside and out! At this point my feet were very sore, so we walked home along the river, to rest a bit before dinner!




We decided to head back into the centro storico area in search of Pizza for our last night! Restaurants in Rome I have learnt are either trattorias that sell pizza or they are more up-market restaurants that have the traditional primi, secondi style courses and they are better for pasta! So we hadn’t had much pizza, shock horror!!!! It wasn’t hard to find a place to be honest…

Afterwards full on pizza, bellinis and love we ambled through the streets of Rome back to our apartment…that was the end of our visit to Rome we were leaving early the next morning! Sad to leave but back to the drawing board for the next adventure!




Leather Jacket – Whistles

Black Slides – H&M

Black patent Sandals, Blue Dree Jeans, Black circular belt – Topshop

Bag, Spotty Scarf – Zara

Grey Tee – & Other Stories

White off shoulder top – Cos

White trousers – Bordon Charity Shop