Restaurant Story

Restaurant Story

Restaurant Story has been on my bucket list for a long time…I first saw it over on the Londoner many moons ago…it was heralded as the new Fat Duck, but supposedly not quite as pretentious or expensive.


It is the brainchild of Tom Sellers, it’s story telling through food at it’s best. Each plate and morsel of food has been cleverly thought out, I ate food I never knew existed, tried combinations that I would never have thought to put together…so I want to share with you this amazing experience…maybe you might try it out for a special occasion sometime. You can either go the full hog and do the full story set menu, or they do a slightly cheaper half story and an even cheaper smaller set menu for lunch – which is what we went for, but you definitely still get your monies worth!

Grab a cup of tea because you are in for a real treat, lots of photos to make you hungry!


The menu starts with snacks, probably the best bit…then it goes through sea food, meat courses and pudding…I don’t remember exactly what was in everything but i’ll give it a shot!

On the right its crispy cod skin, smoked cod roe emulsion, carrot tops and gin botanicals. On the left, amazing savoury oreos….


This traffic light concoction was an amazing rabbit terrine with pickled beetroot in a variety of colours!

Below were little petit pois with squid ink – these might have been my favourite!


Yep that’s right, those on the right were edible flowers stuffed with something yummy. It was so surreal putting a flower into your mouth, as you can imagine the petals are quite slimey and velvety!

Last but not least were these yummy morsels of black pudding with pineapple – a combo I would never have put together. Normally I hate black pudding but for this I made an exception!


Then we began the ‘Sea” Section, first up was the razor clam and champagne snow….a perfect palette cleanser. The ‘snow’ is a very weird cold sensation in the mouth! This course was genuinely really fresh and salty and definitely reminded me of the sea…Then we were given soft shell crab in this amazing vinegar sauce with perfectly sliced avocado. I have never seen avocado so thinly sliced and fanned to perfection!


Meanwhile a romantic candle was placed on our table…


I knew what was coming because I had read about it before, but boy oh boy I was not prepared for just how good this ‘bread and dripping’ would be. If you like buttery oily goodness then this will be your thing, it is not for the feint hearted or anyone with bad cholesterol!



Up next was the Herdwick Lamb… on the plate was shoulder of lamb, belly of lamb, eyes of lamb, heart of lamb…just kidding haha. But the waiter did describe various sections of lamb on our plate! Including a little lamb pie on the side!


Then for the tour de force – the pudding section!

First up was this incredible lemon extravaganza, lemon curd, lemon flavoured snow, champagne snow, lemon sorbet. It was the perfect combination of sharp and sweet.


The final pudding was titled ‘almond and dill’, I have no idea what to expect and was definitely pleasantly surprised. This was definitely a flavour combination I would never have put together!


Obviously though, they saved the best till last. A farewell treat whilst you pay for the bill. Kind of like a traditional tea cake, but 100% better..



It was such an amazing experience, possibly the best restaurant I have ever eaten at, i’m so happy that I finally ticked it off my bucket list!