A British Celebration

A British Celebration

I feel very proud to be British right now! During this difficult and confusing time when the country is in limbo over it’s relationship with the EU, the country can still rally together and celebrate something quintessentially British…The Queen. Her birthday celebrations have been all over the newspapers and televisions for the past few months and I have been steadfastly reading and watching every scrap of it. I have no shame in declaring myself a Royalist at heart. So this weekend I thought I would indulge in a favourite British dessert that I am sure would make an appearance at every street party in the land…you can probably guess what it is…pavlova!


I made a pavlova about 7 months ago on the blog, in one of my GBBO bake along blogs. But I am not going to lie, the pictures were deceptive, it wasn’t that good! Meringues are pesky little buggers and I just don’t have good enough kitchen equipment to make them! (a workwoman always blames her tools..)

But lucky for me, the ol’ chap has a secret family recipe that makes probably the best pavlova I have ever had. He makes it for me as a surprise because he knows I love it. But this weekend I got him to make one for this celebration blog post…any excuse really!




We made some yummy white chocolate whipped cream, we sandwiched the two meringues together and then smothered the rest of the cream on top of it! Then we decorated it with strawberries, blackberries and blueberries – the perfect red, white and blue combination! I really am very lucky that Sean makes this for me! It’s the perfect most quintessentially British dessert out there!