The Revival of The Band Tee

The Revival of The Band Tee


Band T-Shirts are certainly having a come back, or did they ever go away?! They look good with everything, under coats, with jeans and with leather skirts for a real Alexa Chung look. I purchased this ‘Anita’ Bella Freud t-shirt a couple of weeks ago at an event hosted at the Marylebone store by Alex Stedman from The Frugality, and though its not exactly cheap at £85, i’ve had a great cost per wear out of it and lots of compliments from people when I wear it.


I’m still not quite of the age or pay bracket to splurge on items like this regularly. When my friends ask me where the t-shirt is from, they often give me one of those ‘really’ looks. However, this is definitely one of those situations where the entry point to a brand that I really like is reasonable and the quality of the tee far outweighs two tops that I would have bought from Zara that don’t retain their quality after a good few washes. It’s also the perfect colour and size and not so baggy and grungy like other band tees, so it certainly suits my overall style more. This is my justification for it anyway 🙂


I hope you like the post and how I have styled it. This Carhartt Basketball (or baseball??) jacket was my boyfriend’s, but i’ve stolen it from him temporarily as it’s ‘on trend’ right now (he wasn’t using it anyway). I’m surprised at how versatile the jacket is too, whenever I am struggling to match a coat/jacket to my outfit, this is my go-to at the moment.


T-Shirt – Bella Freud

Pinstripe Trousers – Zara

Basketball/Baseball Jacket – Carhartt

Trainers – Vans

Fishnet Socks – you can buy on ASOS or in H&M