Tis’ the Season

Tis’ the Season



Christmas is upon us – it is only 10 days away, which also means that Christmas parties are in full swing. I love this time of year because I love having an excuse to dress up. I have had this pair of Zara Trousers for a couple of months, but now is the perfect time to wear them. I love the gold buttons down the sides and they suck you in in all the right places giving you a lovely silhouette.

The shirt is from Alexa Chung’s Marks & Spencer’s range, it’s gorgeous and so silky to the touch. Plus it is the kind of colour that goes with everything, so it’s been a recent favourite of mine.

The tuxedo jacket is an old school Charity Shop purchase of mine from when I was about 17. I have never thrown it away because I don’t think i’ll ever find one quite like it again with silk lapels. The clutch is also a vintage gem from Harvey Nichols.




I really love mixing old with new. There is a tendency nowadays to just buy new stuff, a new dress for this and new shoes for that. But what about all of the amazing clothes you’ve bought over the past decade? Are they supposed to just be left gathering dust? I guess everybody has a personal preference, but I love getting the old classics out and feeling that buzz when you know you love the clothes that you are wearing.



I hope you are all having a great Christmas, I will be sharing some food and more outfit posts in the next week or so! Until then..xxx