I’ve spent the previous week in Marbella, Spain celebrating one of my best friends 21st Birthday with a group of girls from University. The week started off with a bang as a couple of us earlybirds headed down the coast towards Gibraltar to a fantastic small town called Tarifa, with a beautiful white sandy beach that stretches for miles.


We frolicked in the sea without our bikinis on, got carried away on our lilo’s and soaked up the sun to develop our tans.


After a tasty packed lunch made my Meggie’s wonderful mum, we headed down the beach to the mud rocks for a spot of mud bathing.



You have to get a little bit wet in the sea first, but then you grab a small rock and scrape the big rocks to get out all the natural mud…



Then we smothered ourselves in the stuff until we looked like this…


Suitably muddied we walked back to our towels, where we then washed it all off in the sea. It’s such good exfoliation for your skin, and makes it feel so soft! Not long after we began to head home as another friend was arriving that evening. On the way though, we stopped at a Mirador, with all the fog from the morning burnt off we got a fantastic view of Africa, only 15km away it felt like you could almost swim across to it!



More blog posts about our amazing time in Spain yet to come!