Are ya ready for Part 2?

Part 2 of the Croatia holiday was something pretty special, we travelled by bus through the night from Split to a town in Northern Croatia called Rovinj. The bus journey was pretty hilarious at times, especially when we needed the loo, but travelling along the coastal road was beautiful, every time you woke from slumber the moon was shining on the rippling ocean, like a really cool photograph. Anyway we arrived early in the morning pretty knackered to our destination, Unknown Festival. The sun was shining so we trekked to Boutique Camping where we checked into the cutest little tent you have ever seen!



We settled into our little Tipi for the rest of the week and went off to explore the site, but like with all festivals when you arrive early most of it wasn’t set up yet, but it was definitely a really cool place. It was half way between a proper campsite with decent facilities, like a restaurant, swimming pools, nice toilets and shower blocks, but also on the coast surrounded by forest, so it had quite a lot of seclusion too. The music started from lunchtime at the pool bar, so when the sun was still shining we were at the beach most days. During the daytime the DJ’s played pretty chilled music, but there were a lot of people about, just perfect for people watching, definitely something I am not ashamed to say i love doing!



The main music headliners started later in the afternoon, actually later than we thought to be honest, but at least it meant we didn’t miss them because we woke up late or wanted to soak up the sun whilst it was still in the sky! The lineup was pretty cool, you can see it here on the website.. We saw too many people to speak about on here, but some of the best highlights for me were CHIC (who knew that Nile Rodgers had written or co-written so many songs!!), London Grammar (her voice live is just so surreal), Seth Troxler, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Ten Walls and the list goes on…. We tended to go out and see a few headline acts around 5/6pm, then come back to the Tipi get dressed up and go back out around 11/12am, crawling back into our freezing tents in the daylight around 6/7am, a pretty hardcore few days!!

The stages were all spread out in the woods, with cool lighting along the pathways between them. The Forest stage was definitely my favourite and we ended up here most nights!!




Everyone wore such cool outfits, shame I couldn’t take any of anyone I didn’t know as that wasn’t really the vibe. But here are some of my favourite snaps I took of my friends πŸ™‚






Here are my top 2 videos from CHIC, i did take about 10, because I will probably never see them again, and it was like going down memory lane for me, as when I was growing up this was the kinda soul music my mum and dad would play on the record player..

First up is a snippet of Lost in Music, please do forgive my singing at the end!! I am working on trying to get videos embedded into my blog, but for now I am uploading them to my YouTube channel, so follow the links πŸ™‚

Secondly it was great to see Le Freak happen for real..

Also another video I love is when we watched Ten Walls Live, he played Walking with Elephants and towards the end before the tune kicked in, everybody squatted down in the mud and then jumped up and went crazy!!

Anyway, I hope you like the photos and the videos, I took hundreds more I wish I could share them all!!!