Choco Madness in Antwerp

So last weekend, my mum, her friend Julie and I popped over the Channel for a spot of Christmas shopping in Belgium’s fashion capital, Antwerp! My mum used to live and work over there, so she knows her way around pretty well, I ate my bodyweight in Belgium chocolate, indulged on amazing steak, took many photos, and bought lots of timeless vintage pieces!

This post will just show you a few snippets of the fantastic shops and restaurants we went to, and some of the sights we saw along the way.

On our first night we went to a restaurant called Applemans just off the Groenplaats. All three of us started with a glass of prosecco, dived straight into the most incredible Belgium steak as we were starving and finished off with Creme Brûlée, which I inhaled so quickly I forgot to take a photo, lol.



The restaurant is in a traditional Belgium building, the interior is lots of exposed brick, and iron work (I would love one of these exposed brick walls in my kitchen). Later on it becomes a very popular drinking haunt, as people hit up the Absinthe bar, the lights dip and the DJ’s start to turn the tables.



On our first day, we pretty much hit every chocolate shop going. They say DelReY is the best, inside is full of treats and the windows are so christmassy!








The chocolate shop Flamant on Meir (the main shopping street) is also pretty great too, a devilishly handsome Choco-Latier founded it, and you can explore the kitchens where they prepare all the delicious yummy things!




Can you believe he made these out of chocolate???




These are great gifts too…




These personalized chocolate baubles would be amazing on a tree, but not if you have little dogs I must add. This photo springs to mind…

dog choc tree


Also Flamant has an incredible, and i mean INCREDIBLE, interiors shop at the back of it, I bought the most gorgeous christmas decorations, everything was so rustic, if I had my own flat/house it would look like that. Not massively expensive either, so win/win right?

Anyways, saving the best till last, if you are going to Antwerp or live there, you must go to this chocolate shop, its around one of the side streets off Nationalestraat, and its called Gunther Watte.


2014-11-29 11.40.40







Marzipan fruits are my favourite, and they look so dinky and cute here. Plus that chocomilklatte was to die for, accompanied by little chocolate morsels of perfection.

In my opinion…..



So if you don’t go to Belgium for shopping or art or anything else, at least go for the Chocolate, my fellow ethicists were delighted when I turned up with a box for them on Monday morning!!!