Yes, this is what the title says, a scandal.


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For those of you who would like to read on please do…At lectures yesterday I was informed that unfortunately millions of people have been wiped or “dropped off” the electoral register, mostly young people. This is because there has been a switch from household registration to individual registration for the next general election. It might have been the case before that your parents registered you along with your brothers and sisters to be on the electoral role, or sometimes Universities used to block register their students. But the government has changed the rules, you now need to register individually if you would like to vote in May.

So i think it is necessary to discuss a few conspiracies?

– It is clear in recent polls, that the Conservatives and Lib Dems are down in the ratings, the Green Party and UKIP have particularly high ratings. Could it be that the current coalition think that young people are less likely to vote for them? Yes this is probably true, you only need to look at Labour leader Ed Miliband’s speech a day or two ago to see how urgently he is trying to encourage the electoral commission (which is supposed to be a private and independent organisation) to get students out there to register.

– Not only are the Conservatives frightened about the young population’s vote, David Cameron is also shying away from Television Debates, something he was so keen on in the 2010 election!! He says he does not want to play game with the Green Party. Well Excuse me mister Prime Minister, but if a party is gaining in popularity and people would like to choose them to represent them, then I think you need to rise up to the challenge, and if the young population don’t want you to represent them, then we might end up with a government everybody wants, YES YES YES, now we are a functioning democracy.

excuse me

– To me this all seems very sneaky that new rules have been implemented only months before the election. But a huge downfall I think of so many people dropping off the electoral register, is that turnout this year will probably be exceptionally low. This may result in another coalition, and i’m not sure how good another one of those will be?

– Also considering we pride ourselves on being a democratic nation with freedom of speech, and a free press, only half or maybe less than half of the population turns out to vote! This seems pretty contradictory to me, if we are democratic but not really living in a society represented by the people that we want in power?


– Even in the last general election, there were discussions over the inadequacy of the old electoral register, so I am not just encouraging people my age to go out and register here, I am also asking you to speak to your parents, your aunts, uncles, grandparents, and make them go and check that they are registered, you can re-register online easily, or phone up your district council.

If you have read this far, thank you, i did try to stop rambling on.

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please go and register on the website –

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