The Nostalgic Sessions

So I failed to do this in December, and at the beginning of the month I was too preoccupied with exams to think about music, but this series is now back, on the first day of February haha! Note to self: need to keep check of time..

I’m jazzing it up a little bit for this post, at my 21st my friend Greg said to me, your knowledge of 80s soul music is crazy, is that your favourite type of music, i can’t remember what I said at the time, but right now my answer is yes.

1) Room 5 – Make Luv – Do you remember this? What a great song.. I will never get over this.

2) Angie Stone – Wish I Didn’t Miss You – the beginning of this song really sends shivers down my spine….

3) D Train – You’re the one for me – “With your love by my side, the world will be mine you’re the one for me”

4) Roy Ayers – Running Away – My aunt was reminiscing the other day, she said I remember when your dad introduced me to Roy Ayers and George Benson, they all used to hang out together at Ronnie Scott’s (I’m thinking like oh my god, my dad? pally with The George Benson, who sings Give me the Night?) WEIRD

5) Arrested Development – People Everyday – a true soul classic, taking me back to good memories

6) You Can Do it – Al Hudson & The Partners – this is the only song out there, that can bloody make you have faith in yourself, put this song on if you need motivation

7) I Found Lovin’ – Fatback Band – this will always remind me of my cousin, it is one of her favourite songs, and I remember one Christmas when this was on repeat and the whole family would get up to boogie (or they used to back then) – now we play musical chairs and my mum always cheats

This list could go on forever, if you want more, I will post more – but these are my favourites. I really hope you enjoy!!!!