A Student’s Dilemma

What I am about to discuss, I am sure affects most girls or guys, in their twenties whether they are students or not. The dilemma at stake, is which item of clothing do you want more, and which can you afford in your budget? You can’t have them all that’s just plain greedy, you must make a decision…

Now I might have lost a few of you there, you couldn’t care less about clothes and fashion. But on a student budget, which item of clothing to buy is an extremely important non-ethical issue to debate and resolve.

Things I am hung up on at present:

Alexa Chung’s AC for AG Denim Dungaree’s – at £295 on net-a-porter, not really within my budget – but lusting still remains….

ag dungs

2) Might go for these instead – Asos £30 – little more in budget… I might change the buttons!

or these dungs

3) Stripes – my mind keeps wandering towards them. I’m not normally one for the nautical look, sometimes can be seen as preppy, but at the moment, I can see nothing else. Found this on Polyvore at £32 its definitely my fave…


4) This one is cheaper yet again – still stripey, but would be quite useful in the crossover to Spring, if it ever happens – only £9.99 from ASOS

super cute

5) Trainers – why do I lust so much after other people’s trainers, its ridiculous, they come in too many colours, brands, textures and variations. The trend moves so quickly from one to the other, my bank balance cannot take it. Lusting after these Adidas superstars – on average about £60, sold by so many different retailers.


6) Or the Puma alternative – in JD sports at the moment for only £30, seems quite reasonable to me, they kind of look the same, half the price, and yes it means I get my fix of WHITE TRAINERS – YES.


All in a day’s work, I must now get back to real ethical issues and attempt to defeat John Stuart Mill’s theory on freedom of speech, almost impossible for now. Tomorrow, I will satisfy my cravings for suede, I must, I must, I must. I am in desperate need of one of these jackets….

i need one of these coats