Top 10 most played songs

So I was just thinking to myself, I have been absolutely RUBBISH at updating my recent music obsessions, even though there have been some great ones. BUT i suddenly just noticed that I have played Pharrell’s – Gust of Wind 258 times, that is crazy, i only downloaded the song a few months ago. So I thought why don’t I tell you my top 10 played songs of all time, its gonna be a laugh, because some of these are pretty hilarious. Let’s start with number 10 first…

10) Jungle Skank – JP – 103 plays – (yes there is a dance, a fucking great dance, a favourite of the Gyaldem, it resurfaced at my 21st party – memories come flooding back of house parties and gatherings when I was 16 – those were seriously THE days)

Part of me wishes Gyaldem we looked like this, when we dance it. Somehow I have a feeling we don’t.

9) Low – Flo Rida ft. T Pain – 103 plays – this was one of my mum’s (yes MY MUMS) all time faves, whenever it comes on, she screams “boots with the furrrrr”

8) Afriquoi – Kudaushe – 107 plays – fab song I heard in Newcastle in October – probably so many plays because it is on my running playlist

7) Night by Night (Skream Remix) – Chromeo – 108 plays – WOW this certainly jogs my memory. Reminds me a lot of driving around in my ex-boifs car. gross teenagers in love.

6) Crossover – Magnetic Man ft. Katy B – 115 plays – I definitely had an obsession with Katy B when I was around 17/18 when I first passed my driving test! Reminds me of Reading festival back in the day…

5) Hey Now – London Grammar – 118 plays – this is crazy why this is so high! But I downloaded this album after seeing them live in Croatia last summer, she has such an incredible incredible voice, and I think around November/December I was feeling a bit melancholic, and this song was doing it for me at the time…

4) Katy on a Mission – Benga and Katy B – 118 plays – another Katy B song but this was such a classic, I remember Magnetic Man playing a version of this at a May Ball in Cambridge a few years ago and it was incredible!

3) Tricky – Time to Dance (Maya Jane Coles Remix) – 128 plays – again a really recent song i have downloaded, and I can’t believe i have listened to it so much – I can only think that I must listen to my iPod a lot more now because I commute a longer distance to UNI

2) Gust of Wind – Pharrell Williams – 258 plays – wow who knew i loved this song so much, but it puts me in a good mood everytime I listen to it, it is impossible for me to overplay it, clearly!

1) Desree – Kissing You (from Romeo and Juliet) – 405 plays this Baz Luhrmann adaptation is hands down my favourite film, and this song just epitomises the whole love story for me. Such a weird song to be at the top of my iTunes, but I downloaded it many many years ago!

And if you don’t believe me here is a screen shot of my top plays to prove it….

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 00.47.21