Patty & Bun

Patty & Bun

Hands down the best burger joint in London. Yes I know this is a big statement to make, but I think its better than Honest Burger, or Bleeker Street Burger – though I am yet to try Meat and Shake in Tooting!

Anyway, rewind back to a couple of weekends ago, on a very hungover Sunday, Liv and I almost vommed our way through a vintage sale, before deciding we desperately needed to eat something. Just our luck, all the cafes nearby were busy with huge queues outside them, even with our sunglasses on we couldn’t face waiting. So from Whitechapel we hopped on a bus to Liverpool street, the idea of a burger cemented firmly in our minds, and headed to the take-out version of Patty & Bun (more restauranty version in Soho, near Selfridges).

And what a treat we were in for…

Decide what you want, and then go order up at the till. I got the “Jose Jose” Chilli Burger, and though my memory fails me most of the time, i think Liv got the ‘Ari Gold’ Cheeseburger with Bacon!

Then sit back down, because they bring the goodies to you…

Don’t mind if i dooooo…..

Liv’s Burger:

As you can see it is well worth a visit, then you can let me know how it ranks in your top burger joints!