An Easter Garden….

An Easter Garden….

Easter was 2 weeks ago, its crazy how the time flies, I swear it feels like it was last week! Anyway, that means it’s taken me 2 weeks to write this blog, which is shameful I am very sorry!

I did give you a little peek into what I was planing,, but this blog shows you how it all turned out 🙂

So first of all, I baked some Lemon Curd Filled Cupcakes, generally following this recipe,, with lemon buttercream, chocolate flakes on top, with cute little chicks. I also made a chocolate nest using bashed up Salted Pretzels (to look like twigs) and normal milk chocolate. You are pre-warned though this chocolate and salt combo is irresistible. Topped off with a whole packet of mini-eggs. Finally, once all the baking was over, all that was left was the assembling of the “easter garden”!

My Aunt got me the wooden crate from the market, which I have kept because they can always be used over and over again! I filled it with straw, which I bought at the pet/farm shop in Liphook, the assistant thought I was totally bonkers buying a small bale of straw for a hamper, but at only £3.99 it can also be used for many many many hampers to come!

I bought a few little things to go in it from various places, John Lewis had this fantastic little bird, and I went to Tiger (amazing shop!) where I bought lots of different metallic coloured eggs, plus this little bunny from Lidl was only 75p!

I also bought some Tulips and baby Tete-a-Tete’s from the market in Guildford, as I thought some flowers will totally lift up the feel of the hamper!

I had some little green juice bottles which I stuck with blu-tack to the side of the wooden crate,  I cut the tulips down to fit in them and then I ‘planted’ the mini daffodils at the back!

Once the important parts were in, I filled the rest of it up with the cupcakes, chocolate nest, and used the metallic eggs to fill in any gaps!

Et Voila, C’est fini!

I hope this inspires you to do something fun next year, it really doesn’t take a lot of effort! Just baking some cupcakes, buying a few bits and bobs and then max an hour putting it all together, for what I can guarantee is a very long term satisfaction!