Recent Charity Shop Buys

Recent Charity Shop Buys

So I was a little slack at blogging last week, but I had loads of essay deadlines for my Masters and then basically spent the rest of the week drinking and eating! But I’m back with a blogging vengeance, and what better way to bounce back then with my popular charity shop purchases. I’ve said this before, but me and charity shops have good karma, i give to them and in return they give back to me! So here goes…this was shot a little while ago…but some of these items have been my staples in the past month or so!

Camel Coat – Oxfam (Liphook) – £1 – seriously (they were having an everything must go sale) – dry cleaned for £7

Black Leather Trousers – Zara – £12 in the sale

White Turtleneck jumper – Ebay £7

White Puma Trainers – Ebay – £7

Peering into a cute cottage here…

Suede Coat – Oxfam (Liphook) – £1 (yes seriously, same sale as the other coat) – £15 dry cleaning

Jeans – Vintage Levi’s

Brown Suede Skirt – Oxfam (Notting Hill) – £6.99 

Blue Turtleneck – Marks and Spencers – Super soft and comfy – £16

Fringe beading Denim Jacket – vintage shop in Byker in Newcastle – £10

Brown Safari Belt Jacket – £4 – Oxfam (Sydenham) 

From writing this blog, clearly I have been trying to inject brown into my wardrobe!

Stay tuned, because on the weekend, I got some great new charity shop finds!

Shot by the wonderful Melanie Cowpland – find her here