Wriggle on over to The Paperworks…tomorrow!

Wriggle on over to The Paperworks…tomorrow!

So rumour has it there is a new little foodie app creeping around London, organising amazing deals and offers with cool independent cafes, restaurants and bars. What could be better than an app that tells you exactly what offers are going on around you right now??? Not much I don’t think…

It works a bit like Groupon, in the sense that you shop around, see what’s on offer and if something takes your fancy then you can purchase the voucher on your phone very easily with your Wriggle credit….then head on over to the bar or wherever  with your Wriggle code before your voucher expires (don’t worry about forgetting, because Wriggle counts down the minutes on the app until the voucher expires)!

Here are a few things on Wriggle last week that took my fancy….

A very good deal on Punch at The Little Yellow Door in Notting Hill – such a quirky little venue!

AND an amazing discount on a tasting menu at Salon in Brixton, it’s been on my bucket list for awhile now, and I can’t wait till this deal comes up again and I’ve got someone to take with me!

You can even go to a map viewer and more easily see what deals are on closer to you…

So last Thursday, Wriggle sent me to check out The Paperworks between Borough and Elephant & Castle, and what a cool place that is! It is a rather big outdoor space underneath the railway arches selling funky cocktails (2 for £10 on the Wriggle deal), great burgers and hot dogs, signed, sealed and delivered with some really groovy music, which will definitely be featuring on May’s Music Obsessions.

It was a little rainy the night we went, but don’t worry they have outdoor heaters, and they came round with blankets! My kinda heaven….

Be sure to get to Paperworks ASAP, because they only have the space until the end of June, they are trying to extend it, but developers smellvelopers.

If not rest assured, i’ve been informed the owners are going to keep The Paperworks going in another part of South East London…where all the best people live 😉

So don’t forget to go on Wriggle tomorrow, buy your voucher, and GO!

We arrived a little early from work, but it soon filled up…we started with a Springtime Fizz, then moved on to Ginger Mojito’s…

What a lovely start to the weekend! Thank you Wriggle! Would definitely recommend the app to any foodie lover out there, wanting to be frugal! And The Paperworks is an urgent must!