The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club

Me and my mum have got into a new routine of meeting one another for breakfast, now that we both live in the same big ol’ smoke! It means she can have a nice leisurely morning, and I actually get up early to have a productive day of work!

This time we headed to the famous Breakfast Club, it needs no review from any blogger, it is a ver popular haunt now.

But I may as well seduce you with pictures, force you to add it to your bucket list, and show you my new jeans I am totally obsessed with….

Every breakfast should start with a pot of English Breakfast Tea…

We swiftly ordered The Full Monty and the Huevos al Benny!

The food was scrum-tiddly-umptious, just what we needed to start our day, perfect place to go for a meeting as well as a casual weekend brunch!

Now the bit I am most excited about showing you, my new high-waisted, culotte style denim jeans. They are the perfect Spring/Summer transition jean….unfortunately they are now out of stock on ASOS….but here is a very similar pair, and here, here and here are some more great ASOS alternatives!

They have little ties at the top, which are great for pulling the jeans in, perfect for anyone who suffers with that really annoying gapping bit on the waistline of jeans!

Top is an golden oldie from Zara, Puma Trainers, Sandro bomber jacket