The first Parisian adventure

The first Parisian adventure

Some of you may know, some of you may not, but I have upped sticks and moved to Paris for May/June to learn French (read books, drink wine, date french men). Before leaving I had a list longer than my arm of things to do and places to go all off the beaten track and since i’ve been here, the list has doubled if not tripled. I promised my tutor I would do all the reading for my dissertation out here, and write a blog as well?? But I don’t know where I will find the time with all the roaming and wandering…

After class last week, I persuaded a new friend to accompany me on a small wild goose chase…

I had heard of this place, on Rue du Pont Lodi, a Chinese Tea House, only known by some Parisians where you can only have a table if you ask very politely, they count your bill on an abacus, there are thousands of unknown teas, and the food is sublime.

A very enticing and quite easily won pitch….

We turned onto the street, and it really didn’t look like there was a restaurant down there. Quickly trying to cover my tracks, I said “sometimes these places are pop-up and some of the travel blogs have out of date information”.

But to our good fortune, it was tucked away right at the end, you never would have guessed something so special was inside….

First we ordered tea, on the owner’s recommendation, as we had no idea what to choose..

Then we ordered food, it was bloody delicious, but all I can tell you is that it was chicken and pork 🙂

An absolute hidden gem!