Seeking Buried Treasure….

Seeking Buried Treasure….

I found the gold at the end of the rainbow, no unfortunately it wasn’t my future husband (still looking for that), but I did find treasure that made me equally as happy as I think a future husband would….

It’s called Le Salon Emmaus, it can only be found once a year in Porte de Versailles in Paris, so next year be prepared….

for the best vintage fair you will EVER go to.

wherever I go in the world, I am the first person to check out the markets, but i cannot emphasise enough how friggin shamazing this is..

Grab a cuppa and look at what you could have picked up

Everything is super cheap that fluffy chair was 25€, not only could you buy cool furniture, there were racks and racks and racks of vintage clothes!

Stefania picked up this gorgeous traditional Romany top..for only 30€

I’m so very jealous of her purchase, there were many others to choose from but they were such tiny sizes (sheds a tear)

Oh yes, that bar drinks cart was only 40€ and I definitely could have seen it being mine!!

How groovy is that sink, only 80 €….

There were people personalising all sorts of things too…

Check out this funky skiing radiator chair!!!

By the end of the day people were selling their wares really cheap so its worth hanging around for the end. There are also loads and loads of vintage clothes stalls, I managed to buy a beautiful blue lace nightdress for 8€, a red breton striped jumper for 7€ and numerous little silk scarves for 2€ each! Next year I am definitely taking my mum to buy furniture for our new house 🙂

I hope you enjoy the post, sorry for my disappearance of late, i’m away on a girls holiday and haven’t been able to squeeze in much blogging time!