Erotic Fashion & Baguettes

Erotic Fashion & Baguettes

It would have been impossible to justify not seeing the John Paul Gaultier at the Palais Royale in Paris, especially for only 9€ with a student card..

But to tell you the truth, before the exhibition I really couldn’t have told you many of his iconic outfits…I definitely did not know he was responsible for Madonna’s cone bras in the 80’s!

I imagine the exhibition is similar to the Alexander McQueen, Savage Beauty in London, which I haven’t seen but have heard only amazing things..

Gaultier’s clothes were absolutely stunning, really breaking boundaries..the best thing about the exhibition is they allowed us to take photos, so put the kettle on and grab a few choccy digestives!

The attention to detail amazes me, each room of the exhibit had a specific theme like “Urban Jungle” or “Nautical” (he practically invented the Breton stripe!)

After a lovely morning, I headed home ravenous. As I popped out of the metro station at Porte de Charenton there was a surprisingly cute antiques market awaiting me, I couldn’t resist this ‘chapeau’ from this rather friendly street seller, a bargain at 10€ if you ask me!

With a baguette in hand and provisions of fromage et jambon dans mon sac, (as one must in France) we finally headed home! Taking a few cheeky little snaps on the way 🙂

Oh I do love a baguette and a bit of Erotic Fashion!

More Parisian adventures to share, if I ever get through editing the photos!