Where do I even begin with this review? Your going to have to leave behind all the fluffiness of my normal posts and start listening to some Eminem. He is all over the soundtrack too. Now your in the right mood for this film.

Let’s begin with Jake Gyllenhaal’s body, he’s topless for most of the film, even totally starkers in some scenes so you really get your moneys worth. Don’t ask me to describe his body I’m lost for words…I’m aware that I sound very creepy writing that he has got lovely muscles, but his honed physique is a sight for sore eyes (or strained in my case).

If that hasn’t made you rush to the cinema, then the fact that his wife Mo is played by Rachel McAdams should. Since watching the film I have become mildly obsessed with her, her body is also INcredible, and she is just so gorgeous and has a lovely voice. Yes now I am creepy. But she is so great, she plays such different roles in all the films she does.

Their love is something you would pine for. But unfortunately within the first 25 mins tragedy strikes and she is shot down in a Casino. I am honestly not giving anything away here, that the trailer doesn’t already show you.

Be prepared, come with tissues because from this point onwards if your pre-menstrual and anything like me you will cry for the rest of the film. At EVERY little thing. It’s one tragedy after another, this is an intense film, and not to be entered into lightly.

But do not misunderstand me, this is not The Notebook or The Time Traveller’s Wife, this is a boxing film. Its essence is truly gritty, punchy (catch the pun!), nail biting and quite gory.

Before the film started rolling my friend said to me “the thing I’m not looking forward to is when they actually hit one another”, and i said I kinda like it when they hit each other (says words about me I’m sure). But what makes it feel so real is that in many of the fight scenes the cameras is in the line of the boxing gloves, i.e you feel like your being hit in the face in the cinema. It is intense (but i loved it).

It’s a classic get knocked down, pick yourself back up again story plot. But bloody hell the scene to watch is when Gyllenhaal is getting back up on the horse, training for his first big fight again. His body will make you drool, but at that point in time I really felt like a physically weak person tucking into my pick&mix. My urge was to hit the gym hard, seriously hard, with boxing gloves throwing myself at a punch bag. Boxing isn’t just a man’s sport ya know!

The ending is pretty decent too, it comes to a satisfactory conclusion. There are no cliffhangers, its not namby pamby lovey dovey either. It’s an appropriate end to a gritty boxing film.

I give this a solid 4/5, its a good allrounder film, there is something for everyone in there, except for maybe your mum that hates violent films. Definitely not for kids.