Shorts can be Chic!

Shorts can be Chic!

Finally I have found my favourite pair of shorts! They aren’t the usual denim and that’s what I really like about them..

I generally struggle buying shorts because I’ve got such a big bum and quite a small waist so I really suffer from that annoying gap at the back of your jeans! So it’s rare for me to find the perfect pair of shorts.

My advice for anyone else out there suffering from the same gap problem, is go vintage! Often high street shops like Zara, Topshop and HnM are the worst culprits, the cut and shape of their jeans and shorts just does not suit big bums and there is always a ‘gap’ unless they are super high waisted. That’s why vintage is the key! Every pair of vintage shorts (and this goes for skirts, dresses and everything else too) whether they are suit material, denim, cotton or linen is different – that’s the beauty of it! If you go into a vintage store they tend to organise their clothes according to style, so it’s easy to rifle through racks of denim shorts or cotton flowy shorts and really take about 20 different pairs into the changing rooms. I swear one of them will fit you perfectly, and if they don’t then just go to the next vintage store repeat the same process and eventually you will be beaming with happiness!

If your looking for somewhere to go vintage shopping in London, then I suggest Brick Lane, of course there are loads of other places, but here you can really go from shop to shop in search of what you want. I recommend Rockit (they have 2 shops I think along there) and Beyond Retro. You might have heard a lot about Beyond Retro recently as they have been doing loads of promotion on their social media and with other bloggers, you might have seen What Olivia Did in their Dream Vintage Dress campaign.

Anyway, awhile ago I purchased this pair of shorts from Beyond Retro. I love the colourful print and the perfect shape, plus they are such an easy pair of summer shorts for the city, not too tight and not too short!

Top from Vintage Store in Paris, Shorts from Beyond Retro (Brick Lane), Mules from Primark!!, 1/3 of Celine Trio Bag, Glasses Vintage Store in Paris