Great British Bake Along: Soda Bread

Great British Bake Along: Soda Bread

Yesterday I tackled last week’s quick bread challenge. I thought about doing baguettes as they really are one of my weaknesses but I needed to buy a ‘Linen Couche’ to do it, and unfortunately they had sold out online (no jokes). On one of the websites it even said we have sold out because of the GBBO and we will re-stock late September!

So soda bread it was! I decided to make a Brown Butter Irish Soda Bread, with Cheddar and Red Onion

This is all you need ingredients wise:

I couldn’t find buttermilk in the co-op, so I opted to make it instead with normal milk and a squeeze of lemon juice. It doesn’t thicken as much as normal buttermilk, but it does the job just the same!

Whilst waiting for that to ferment I chopped up my onions and grated the cheese!

Then you mix the flours together, make a little well in the middle of the bowl and add the buttermilk, slowly drawing the flour into the milk.

You end up with something like this, ready to go in the oven!

Then it comes out looking something like thisss

Now although it looks great and tasted amazing, there was quite a lot of liquid in my dough so it took a long time to bake (and probably my oven doesn’t get to the right temperature)! I fear Paul Hollywood would have had a good poke, and would have said it was under baked, but it had been in an hour already! Unfortunately no more baking was going to solve the fact there was too much liquid in the dough.

If I was going to practice it again, as if I was a real competitor, I would reduce the amount of buttermilk and browned butter and I would also put less raw onion in (as that releases water when it’s cooked). Maybe I might try grating the onion too, or try and fry it off first to release some of the liquid!

Anyway, it all got eaten so I guess that’s all that matters!