Pastry Week could only mean one thing…

Pastry Week could only mean one thing…

On GBBO’s Pastry week all I could think about was cooking up a Bakewell Tart. Though I did love the volovants, Matt’s flavour combinations were amazing, I really fancied making a Bakewell. I could honestly sit down and eat a packet of Mr Kipling’s in one go, the glace cherry on the top is my favourite bit.

However, although mine looks a little fancier than what you get from the box… my oh my it certainly lives up to the taste!

Also I bought shortcrust pastry from a box. I love baking but even Mary Berry herself confessed she doesn’t have time to make it from scratch!

Here’s what you will need, I followed Mary’s recipe by the way!

First things first roll out that pastry and get it into the tin, I should have used a flan tin but this cake tin was absolutely fine.

You have to bake it blind for 15 minutes in order to avoid that soggy bottom. On Bake off they use these special baking balls but rice works just as fine!

Then I set about making my frangipane…mmmm. Basically you just melt all the ingredients on the stove…

Then get your tart out of the oven, smother on a layer of Raspberry Jam, then the almond frangipane, poke in some fresh rasps, flake a few almonds and hey presto c’est fini!

Ooh it really is as easy and as quick as that. It’s just to die for! My mouth is starting to salivate now over breakfast!

Best served with a good strong cup of English Breakfast Tea! (in my favourite Marmite Cup)