Broadway Market

Broadway Market

I know it’s Monday and the weekend is now the furthest away it can possibly be. But if you haven’t made any plans yet, Broadway Market is where you want to be on Saturday. In fact if you just make the decision that’s what your going to do your week will become much more bearable.

Broadway Market is a real foodie haven but its also got lovely little jewellery stands, magazine and book shops and cool clothing shops too. So as the cliche goes there really is something for everyone. Personally I chose to eat all my daily calorie intake and more, which meant I couldn’t even contemplate shopping on such a full tummy.

Here’s what we ate, in order…

First – a Salt Beef wrap (recommended by Jamie Oliver)

Then we decided to have a courgette pie…it was unbelievably good, but I have no idea what spices the lady sprinkled on top…it just made it look rather pretty!

We then oggled the scotch eggs and decided it was high time for a bit of coffee and cake!

I actually got an iced tea in the end, which was the best I had ever had. The glass and mug were so nice too and we contemplated taking them home for a second, but decided against it. The little white bags you also see on the table contained an amazing slice of Carrot cake and Banana cake!

Then we headed off in search of our last purchase an ice cream cone that we had spotted right at the beginning…I got the Salted toffee apple 🙂

Having stuffed ourselves silly we decided to grab a couple of Grapefruit G&T’s and went to sit down in the park. In prime position for puppy watching! Of course we found the perfect white wall for a couple of outfit snaps too!

Skirt – Levi Vintage

Top – Charity Shop (in Bordon)

Green Jacket – Sandro

Bag – Louis Vuitton (Kalkan special)

Trainers – Ellesse