All Hallows Pumpkin Soup

All Hallows Pumpkin Soup

*Twas’ All Hallows Eve…not a creature was stirring… not even a mouse (rather debatable in our house!)

Pumpkins were lit, candy bowls filled, skeleton’s hanged and fake eye contacts put in…

But before you venture out into the night of ghosts and ghouls… make sure you knock together a bowl of scrumptious All Hallows Pumpkin Soup to dust the cobwebs away..*

Its rather an easy soup to make. Here’s all the ingredients you’ll need:

First of all you fry the onions until they are beautifully golden. Then you basically shove every other ingredient into the firing cauldron with some boiling hot stock, then let it simmer for 30 minutes. After that use a hand blender to whizz it all together, the vegetables will all be super soft by that point!

And voila….Soup is Served…

mmmmm…creamy Pumpkin and Red Lentil Soup….