The Coat Re-Edit for Men

The Coat Re-Edit for Men

I have to hold my hands up and apologise for not including men’s coats in my previous post. Sometimes its easy to just get carried away putting things on the blog that I buy or want to buy and I totally forgot the men in my life. So without further ado gentlemen here is my interpretation of a good men’s coat.

Whilst doing the research for this post I have come to the conclusion that men don’t have it as easy as girls. Guys I feel like you have to invest more in coats than girls do but as a result you only need a few great coats, whereas girls have maybe 3 or 4 variations of one coat.

So to make it nice and easy for you I have categorised the coats I found and love into similar styles and colours…

First up is the Camel Coat – also featured on the girl’s coat edit, but a firm favourite for guys too.

Next is the Down to Business kinda coat – this tends to be a mid length coat, either plain or a checked/tweed pattern and maybe even a little fur/shearling on the collar. The yellow coat is a bit out there I know but I was just so drawn to it…Also in this category for men is a good Mac/Trench coat think Reiss/Burberry…

Then you’ve got the Denim Jacket – all guys must have one of these in their repertoire, it can be vintage or even quite clean cut, black or blue denim, but its a staple that can be dressed up or dressed down – its a vital piece of clothing.

The Leather Bomber – now this isn’t an essential for all guys but its a style I just love. My dad has one of these he just chucks it on to take the dog for a walk/go to the pub/watch rugby and i’ve always wished it wasn’t so big so I could steal it..

Last but not least the Barbour – I think this is more of a guy thing than a girl thing. If I put one on I instantly feel countrified but somehow guys don’t. So black/green/navy take your pick, this is a good coat that will take you anywhere in most weathers…

So there you go guys my coat re-edit just for you xx