Answering Questions with Sunny Sweet Pea

Answering Questions with Sunny Sweet Pea


I answered some lovely questions from Sunny Sweet Pea the other day, Jenny shared it on her page and so I thought I would share it on mine too!

Jenny – Today I have the pleasure of introducing the lovely Frankie from New Girl on the Blog – one of my last lovely sponsors 🙁 Her blog is a wonderful mix of fashion, food and travel and it’s been a pleasure to read over the past month or so. Frankie is also a pro charity shop shopper so I was sure to quiz her on that. I hope you enjoy our little interview.

Me – Hello! I started my blog just over a year ago now. It took me a few months to get into the swing of it. I remember I changed the name about 5 times before I settled with New Girl on The Blog. But I started it because I was inspired by other people’s blogs and I wanted to show my friends and other people all the things I get up to and like, just like they did. For me, I really just love the creative side of it, which is so different to my day job (training to be a lawyer). I hope that readers of my blog see ‘me’, by that I mean a normal London girl that they can relate to, that loves food, fashion and music but has to do this on a budget!

You baked along with the Great British Bake Off this year, which after my feeble attempt last year I greatly admire. What was your favourite recipe to bake and what do you consider your signature bake to be?

I really enjoyed the quick bread challenge – it’s seriously fuss free baking (what I’m all about) and was very tasty. I’ve got a ridiculously sweet tooth so savoury baking was a nice change. I don’t really have a personal signature bake because I’m always trying new recipes that catch my eye. But my most memorable bake was on Christmas Eve two years ago. I made a semifreddo version of a Christmas pudding, which is basically a combination of ice cream and meringue and my family thought I had surpassed myself that time! I’ll never forget their amazement!


You love a good charity shop find, can you share some of your top tips for charity shop shopping with my readers?

Oh yes this is a popular question I often get asked, I love answering it, so much so that I recently dedicated a whole post to it. But my top tip is simply to go into every charity shop you walk by. It sounds like obvious advice but often people haven’t even been into their local charity shop, let alone bother trying to find them in a city or town that they are visiting. So my advice is if your’re heading out for the day to Bath, Notting Hill or wherever – have a good google and see where the charity shops are around you. Generally everywhere I go, I go in hunt of a charity shop. That way your always finding good clothes and bargains.


You like to do a bit of traveling, where are your favourite places to visit and if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

My favourite place to visit is Antwerp in Belgium, my mum worked there for many years so I’ve got to know it quite well. It is the perfect weekend away! I love the vintage shops, the cute cafes, the amazing Belgian chocolate shops and I also love having a nosey around the antique interior shops. I tend to prefer cold, snowy, wintery holidays to sun. So my next favourite place to visit is a French ski resort for never ending cheese, baguettes and vin chaud. If I could travel anywhere in the world right now.. I’d love to be able to take my mum on a trip to Sri Lanka (that’s where she is dying to go) and be able to pay for everything for her, but that will still be a few years away I think.


What are your top 3 favourite blogs to read and why?

Tough question because I read so many!

Fashion Me Now – Lucy Williams is definitely up there, I love all the clothes she wears, she is my go to style girl. Unfortunately her clothes tend to be quite expensive, but I find it fun scouring the high street for a frugal version.

Cupcakes & Cashmere – I read Emily Schuman’s blog every day, she is always posting new content. But I mainly read her blog for her recipes, how she style’s dinner parties and what she does on a seasonal basis.

The Frugality – Alex Steadman is obsessed with Scandi interiors and I love it. She always makes me want to give my room a total overhaul with each new post. I also aspire to how she actually sets up her blog posts – her flat lays are where it’s at.

Describe your perfect day

A perfect day would involve waking up a little later than usual, having a nice coffee and a croissant whilst I catch up on my emails and blogs. Then I would love to head into town maybe see an exhibition or a play, maybe wander in and out of a few shops and have a delicious lunch. Hopefully I have got someone to accompany me! Then I would pop into Waitrose, get some nice yummy ingredients to make dinner and probably some flowers. Then I would sit on the sofa, wine in hand, and watch all the TV I don’t have time to watch in the week. Wow, if only I could have a perfect day right now.


And finally, you’re going to be stranded on a tropical island for an unknown length of time. You can only take certain items. What one item would you take for the following categories:

I’m excited to answer these questions it’s a bit like ‘Desert Island Discs’ and I’ve always wanted to be on that show…

– a living thing – it would have to be my mum, no other living thing means quite as much to me!
– one food stuff that will keep replenishing itself the entire time you’re there – it will have to be a cup of strong Yorkshire tea, one sugar and lots of milk. I debated chocolate but you can’t have chocolate without a cuppa or you’ll get too thirsty.
– a book – I’m a fast reader so it will have to be a collection of books. I have never read an Agatha Christie novel and I love crime dramas so maybe I would take the works of that.
– a film – Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo & Juliet – its always been my favourite, deep down I’m a hopeless romantic who weeps at everything and this film always gets me, plus the soundtrack will be great for a tropical island.
– a personal hygiene item – think I’d have to take a toothbrush and cope with being hairy 😛 – a hairbrush – my hair gets extremely knotty all the time and being in and out of the water without a hairbrush would drive me insane. (I’d have to make myself a toothbrush out of something and find some mint leaves!)
– an item of sentimental value – I have two little pictures of my Nan stuck on my mirror on my dressing table. She’s my guardian angel and I’d have to take them with me.