The start of something special…

The start of something special…

Good morning and Happy 1st December to all you lovely people!

So something special is about to happen on the blog. Every day, yes that’s right every day, in between now and christmas (that’s 24 days) I am going to give you a new blog post. It might be something small, like a christmas market you shouldn’t miss out on, or it might be a big post about Christmas and New Year make-up looks. Regardless, you are in for a treat! I’ve been concocting my Christmas countdown for the past month, refining it to make sure its the best advice I could give. So this is my gift to you. Christmas starts NOW. So stay tuned in and get excited with me!

First things first – you need to sort out your advent calendar if you haven’t already. My mum thinks i’m too old for advent calendars, what a scrooge, you’re never too old! So if you’re like me and you’ve got no-one to get yours for you, then bloody heck get out there today in your lunch break and sort yourself out.

Now i’m traditionally a chocolate advent calendar kinda gal, i’ve got my eye on these two from Selfridges, but i know you can get Lindt calendars in most supermarkets too.

But I have always wanted a traditional looking calendar to hang on my kitchen door or to put on the mantlepiece to really get christmas started. Maybe you had one of these as a child and closer towards christmas your mum snuck in a tiny present. Either way I have always wanted to have one like this. They are quite Scandi looking and remind me of skiing trips, chalet lodges and warm fires.

OR maybe you might want to indulge in a luxury advent calendar like these beauty ones? Benefit bring out a new one each year and I know Space NK sells quite a luxurious one too! Go on treat yourself, but head to the shops quick!