11th December – Winter Cocktail Spots

11th December – Winter Cocktail Spots

At this time of year there is always an excuse to get a little jazzed up and to head into town with your nearest and dearest. So I thought I would share with you some places that I have been to that would be perfect for a Christmas cocktail or two…maybe before dinner, after dinner or without any dinner at all!

My first few recommendations are a rather fancy affair…but if its the glamorous christmas vibe your after, these will certainly do the trick..

Berners Tavern – Soho

Cocktails that take my fancy are Dill or No Dill – Tanqueray Gin, Smashed Cucumber, fresh dill, lemon juice, elderflower cordial, smoked salt  OR

Room with a View – Belvedere Vodka, quince, citrus syrup, apple juice, lemon and prosecco – both £13.50

Bar Americain at Brasserie Zedel – Soho

A bit more laid back than Berners but still very elegant with a beautiful Art Deco Look. Classic cocktails

I fancy the Millionaire – Dark Rum, Sloe Gin, Apricot and Lime Or Parisian Summer – Citron Vodka, Lillet Rose, Cointreau and Cranberry – both £11.50

Old Mary’s – Lancaster Gate

If your based in West London then this is a must – maybe you’ve been! From the street you walk down a short set of steep steps into a rabbit warren, the background music is great and the cocktail menu fab!

I fancy the Glory and Consequence -Fine Sugar and Sri Lankan cinnamon mix, orange curacao, aged spiced rum, lime and sugar, orange twist and atomoized with orange blossom water – £9

Evans & Peel – Detective Agency – Earls Court

I love this place, you have to book an “appointment” and “state your case” in order to get a reservation. It’s a kind of prohibition speak-easy venue. But i’m sure you’ll love it..

I fancy the Garden of Peas

Oskar’s Bar – Dabbous – Goodge Street

Beneath the restaurant Dabbous lies Oskar’s Bar, its quite industrial looking so if your looking for a cosy corner this is not the place. But the cocktails speak for themselves and i’m sure there are some of you out there who like a clean cut, minimalist style joint.

I fancy the Basil Fawlty -Tanqueray gin, basil, meadowsweet, elderflower, apple & lemon are swizzled together in this invigorating mix – £9.50

Peg & Patriot – Bethnal Green

A relatively new kid on the block, a place I haven’t actually been but only heard good things. Plus I thought I would throw a little East London into the mix.

I fancy the Garden Bellini – peg fig and grape liqeur, rhubarby sparkling – £11

Anyway I hope these recommendations keep you entertained, i’ve got more suggestions too in other areas so drop me a message if you like! You can also probably see that gin and prosecco based cocktails are my favourite! Merry Christmas! Xxx