New Years Resolutions 2016

New Years Resolutions 2016

Normally I am not one for New Years Resolutions, I often can’t keep to them (normally I crack after a few days) and I set unrealistic goals. But this year I feel inspired by other bloggers who have put together their goals for 2016…and it got me thinking about mine.

Get a job! 

2016 is the year I need to start putting real effort into finding a job. I’ve got a million part time jobs and I love running this blog, but I need to focus on finding a job in law. I need to work out who I would like to work for, get some more work experience, find out when all the deadlines are for applying, try to be more consistent with my studying – not leaving everything till the last minute…


The Blog

I love my little space on the internet, its my creative output and wouldn’t stop it for the world. But that doesn’t mean i don’t want to change it…I want it to grow. I want to improve my content, post more about cool new things, outfits, places to eat but also improve the quality of my photographs. I’ve also got to work out a good marketing strategy to get my blog further out into cyberspace so more people might stumble upon it!


Life and Health

Cut down on sugar. I know this is probably on everyone’s resolution list, but I have one hell of a sugar addiction that needs to be kicked. I will try my best to choose healthier options and have sweets and cake when it means something, not just because i’ve got a cup of tea in hand and Eastenders is on. Healthy meals are also so important, often after a long day I will just eat a few slices of toast or a bowl of cereal, but I need to properly cook for myself on a regular basis, healthy body = healthy mind = less stressed. I’m getting my food inspiration mainly from The Sprouted Kitchen..Plus in February I intend to up my Orange Theory classes from 4 to 8 a month. 2 hours of that workout is enough to make anyone feel good about themselves!

healthy food


Travel More!

On my bucket list this year: I really want to do a couple of weekends away in Europe, maybe visit Budapest or Amsterdam or Antwerp. Have an amazing skiing holiday with my mum in April, which I want to be super fit for. Then come summer i’d love to get an internship in New York, visit friends in Mexico or Japan and use my last chance of a proper summer break to go somewhere and do something I have never done before! Better start saving now…



Streamlining my Wardrobe…

I’m normally a sucker for trends but this year i want to try and ignore them and just buy clothes that I really like and which bring my whole wardrobe together. The perfect coat or the perfect pair of jeans/trainers/sandals that work with everything – I really want to streamline my look and have a good chuck out. For example yesterday in the sales I bought a perfect breton stripe polo neck which is so soft and a lovely fit – now I am going to chuck out the 5 other breton stripe tops that I have, that I just don’t wear, because they weren’t quite perfect when I bought them!

fashion 1

fashion 2

velvet fashion



Be Less Stressed

These days everyone is stressed, it’s really not good for us and my mum often tells me she is worried about my stress levels. Stress means high levels of the hormone cortisol, funnily enough this makes spots worse, but you can bring the level of this hormone down by increasing your Serotonin. Serotonin is basically a happiness hormone, it increases through sleeping and going to the gym. To be honest I am normally stressed about money, this is a terribly un British thing to discuss, but London is an expensive place to live and if I properly get in control of my finances and spending…this might mean i’m less stressed.

But it’s also nice to have someone to lean on…