A tipple or two

A tipple or two

“You’ve got to have a tipple or two boys…..you’ve got to have a tipple or two”

Quite right, a tipple or two is what makes the medicine go down, the world spin round, your head spin around, you fall to the ground….etc etc…you catch my drift.


To make a tipple you will need:

  • Chambord
  • Champagne or Prosecco
  • Sloe Gin
  • & Your best glasses (for feeling extra fancy)


It’s basically my take on a Foragers Fizz, a cocktail I had a couple of months ago in a bar called Old Tom & English – a secret hideaway on Wardour Street you should definitely check out..

I also bought these teeny tiny pegs ages ago and have been waiting for the perfect moment to use them in a post!


Don’t be shy, just chuck loads of the stuff in. Not so much of the gin though, the first batch I made were rather strong, then top up with loads of fizz.

Then the main thing to do is to sit back, relax and enjoy. Too much time is spent on our phones during the week, sitting at a computer desk all day, stressing about life. You need to give yourself time to unwind and get drunk.