Alpine Adventures

Alpine Adventures

Indulgence – the only word that could describe the past week my mum and I have had in the Alps. After very hectic schedules for the past few weeks, mum and I really needed a bit of R&R. Easier said than done on a skiing holiday, as you are supposed to spend the majority of your time exercising. But I think my mum and I got the food/drink/ski balance quite right. We decided to go for a catered chalet this year, something we haven’t done in a very long time, as it is quite luxurious. The food and service was amazing and kind and I would definitely recommend Go Ski Meribel and cannot wait to return. The only downside is i’ve put 5kg on in weight, absolutely no exaggeration, I am now on a no low sugar diet.

I wasn’t quite sure at first how to present this post, as I essentially just took lots of random pictures as we went along. But I still really want to share these moments with you,  so i’ve grouped some photos and events together to give you a snippet of our Alpine Adventures. Although there is a disclaimer – the mountains will call to you, these photos will make you desperate for your own snow fun.

The first and most important thing to share with you is the food cooked in the chalet. Every day we were treated to a hot breakfast, sometimes American pancakes or eggy bread, afternoon tea around 4pm AND pretty much a five course meal in the evenings. The food was different each day and I think I photographed every plate, but here were some of my favourites, starting with brekky. (The cheese soufflé and Pavlova were huge highlights for me).


The Chalet had a hot tub and a sauna too, so most afternoons we would rush back from the slopes to have a soak – very important for those aches and pains. Often accompanied with a little tipple to smooth over the edges of a long day 😉


The weather was a bit hit and miss to be honest, there was still snow on all the slopes (just about) but there were very strong winds in the valley’s and sometimes the fog rolled in and you couldn’t see a blip. It was quite scary at times, because mum wore a white jacket and was easily lost. But then when the sun came out it was absolutely glorious.


I normally wear a helmet, but I just can’t resist bringing this hat on holiday. I got it from a market seller in either Bolivia or Peru and it is the perfect compulsory crazy skiing hat. I knew when I saw it that it would be perfect. It also later turned out that the theme for the closing party of the season at the infamous ‘Le Folie Douce’ was the Mexican ‘Day of the Dead’. So the beads, frills and bright colours fitted in perfectly!



Last but not least I must show you the Fondue we had at the restaurant La Galette on our chalet’s night off. The minute you walked in to the restaurant the smell of smokey cheese infiltrated every piece of clothing you had on. But what was put on your table was certainly worth it. Fondue is an epic mountain tradition and it’s one tradition i’m on board with all the way!



It just doesn’t get any cheesier than that – 3 cheeses were in that! Comte, emmental and another I forget! Anyway folks, that’s all i’ve got to show you! I hope you liked my little snippets and i’ll be back into my usual blog post habits from now on Xxx