Columbia Road

Columbia Road

Yes yes, I know you’ve all heard of it before….its an oldie but a goodie. It’s also a stones throw away from Broadway Market, so if you haven’t been to either, this is your perfect Sunday sorted.

We arrived ravenous so decided to find somewhere to eat breakfast first. Honestly, we walked around and around, up and down the market trying to find somewhere nice that you could actually sit down, rather than just take away coffee. Then we stumbled on this place, I forget the name which is useless i’m sorry, but the food I cannot forget.



Absolutely bloody delicious!

Then we meandered around the market, in and out of the bric-a-brac shops, wishing I could buy all the vases and wrought iron baskets on show. I settled for a couple of bunches of flowers instead.

The flowers at the market are honestly such good quality, they last for weeks and there are just so many to choose from. Plus they are much cheaper than what you get in the supermarket! It’s a very narrow market mind, lots of pushing and shoving, patience is key!



I am also wearing my favourite green suede coat, also seen here, my new favourite bag from Zara that I can’t get enough of, my new Alexa Chung top from M&S! And last but not least an Envy & Green Sparkler!