Salon, A dining experience!

Salon, A dining experience!

Just before I head off to Rome I thought I would sneak in an amazing restaurant recommendation on the blog. Salon in Brixton Market has been on my bucket list for years. They have an inventive and interesting set menu that changes all the time and is priced on average about £30 per person, for four courses. I took my mum and friends for my birthday back in January and forgot my bloody camera (any excuse to go back of course)…and that we did!!!


It’s such a fun, small place, so definitely book ahead!!

First things first, we ordered cocktails then we were brought over lovely warm homemade bread and butter and little snacks to start with..



The House Red was also really nice and it was very reasonably priced around £20 for the bottle. In my view if the cheapest bottle of plonk on the menu is actually pretty decent, then you know you are in safe hands and you’ve not blown the budget! The first course arrived…it was a garlic sensation, wild garlic, garlic puree, not a plate for vampires, but bloody delicious!


Every single course is so beautifully presented and tastes amazing. It’s such good value for money and I really think if you’re a foodie and you’re reading this you have to go!



The venison was so tender and juicy, such a treat!


Saving the best till last, this was a de-constructed cheese cake…It was blended with white chocolate, the biscuit crum was delish and it was paired really well with rhubarb!


Actually the best best thing was saved till last and that was the petit-four. It was basically a fancy dark chocolate caramel nibble. Extremely luxurious, melt in the mouth, moment on the lips lifetime on the hips sort of stuff. Exatly what i’m into…