Packing for Rome!

Packing for Rome!

Packing is actually one of my favourite things to do, unpacking not so much, but packing to go on holiday, I like. To be honest as soon as I book a holiday I start planning what I want to pack, choosing outfits in advance is I guess part and parcel of having a blog. But i’ve always been the type to plan an outfit to the nth degree.



It’s always best when travelling to put on a pair of comfy jeans, a t-shirt and a comfortable pair of trainers. You can pack all your open toe shoes, sandals, heels in your suitcase. But you will need at least one pair of comfy shoes to walk around whilst your there.

Day Time:

I tend to take a few different tops and trousers for the day time, or maybe a skirt if I know the weather is going to be particularly warm. At this time of year in Rome the weather is a solid 20-25 degrees, but it was forecast rain so I didn’t get much use out of the leather mini-skirt. I packed my new stripey Zara trousers, so silky and soft and I bought a casual luxe grey t-shirt from & Other Stories just before I went, it was only £17 but I think I wore it with just about every outfit! Mix it up with a few scarfs and different sunglasses and bob’s your uncle…job done.




I try to plan outfits that are easy to go from day to night, then I just put on a little more lipstick and eyeliner. This time around I packed my pink flouncy skirt, because the streets in Rome are a little glamorous and I just don’t wear it enough! I’ve also recently bought this Whistles leather jacket, which was a mega investment, but it goes with absolutely everything I own and it was perfect for the evening as the temperature dipped a little bit.


All of this, plus all of my toiletries fitted in a carry on suitcase! I had one handbag on top of this that I used for everything. It was actually nice for once to pack lightly and not have to lug a heavy suitcase about!

Amen to that!