Read these Books!

Read these Books!

I did a post last year on my favourite books that I thought people should go and buy for their Summer holiday. Lots of people told me they loved the post, they took my advice and purchased the books. It’s those kind of little things that make me feel the blog is worthwhile. So I thought this time around before you all jetset off into the sunset, I would share with you some books that I have been reading since January in my book club.

What’s that I hear you say? You think book clubs are for middle aged women?

Well I don’t need to be convinced to spend one night a month with my close girlfriends drinking wine, eating nibbles and chatting about books. Sounds dreamy to me, I challenge you to create your own book club!

The Last Act of Love – A short but captivating read. You will no doubt shed a tear over this family’s emotional journey, when a son and a brother is hit by a car in an accident and is left in a permanent vegetative state for the rest of his life. The Last Act of Love gives us an incite into a very topical issue of ‘assisted suicide’ via the withdrawal of food and fluids.

the last


I Let You Go – A crime thriller but with an epic twist. The tale is in two parts, when you reach the middle, you will question everything you had originally thought to believe. Very cleverly written, you have no idea what is about to hit you!

i let 2

Norwegian Wood – Murakami – a famous Japanese writer who depicts grief, depression and mental disorder in a very calm and serene writing style. The book contrasts life and death, it is not something I would ordinarily have purchased, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading it with my book club.


All the Light We Cannot See – A story of love between families and a girl and a boy. A story of loyalty to a possession and to a regime. A tale of desperation of a blind girl trying to survive a war. This is an epic novel, short chapters from different perspectives make this a very quick read. If you only bought one book from the list, make it this one. I have decided to purchase his other 2 books for my own summer holidays.

all the

Poems for Life – Again something different, poems! I read this with book club and was reminded of how much I enjoy poetry when not being forced to read it. Having studied English at A Level I couldn’t help but analyse the words, dropped sentences and punctuation. Laura Barber takes all the best poems and categorizes them into seven stages of life from childhood to death. A mix of contemporary and traditional poems. If you end up liking poems I would also recommend Carol Ann Duffy’s collection of The World’s Wife.


The Versions of Us – An interesting twisting tale of love told in three different versions. Sometimes it is a bit confusing to remember what version you are in. But in life, there is always a ‘sliding doors’ moment, when you question what would have been if I went to a different university, would I have made the same friends, would I have found my boyfriend? If we were destined to be together, would fate have put them in our path at a different time in our life? Who knows…but a good read.

the versions