Two Thousand and Sixteen

Two Thousand and Sixteen

2016 – what a year it has been! It has certainly been an interesting year of ups and mostly downs for Global Politics…

But for me personally it has been a year of highs, i’ve been fortunate enough to travel quite a lot, mostly in Europe…but I have managed to tick off several places from my bucket list. I have also had a great year with friends, family and relationships. My career is slowly moving forward, i’m so close to the end of education and student life I can almost taste the real world. I still have a very long list of goals and achievements for my life and 2017 in particular, but I am edging ever closer to them each day.

So rather than give you a post on my New Year’s Resolutions I thought I would write a reflective post on 2016. As a ‘millennial’ I take pictures of anything and everything in my daily life, the majority of which I don’t share on my social media, so i’m going to give you a ‘behind-the-scenes’ of my 2016.

February – Sean and I went to Budapest for my birthday

The best Air B&B apartment we have stayed in – it really set the tone for the rest of our trips but we probably peaked too early!



Easter – the mother of all cakes’s – the mini-egg cake. Two of my favourite things rolled into one.


Visiting Salon in Brixton for the first time and going back 3 or 4 more times over the year…


May – Daily ice-cream’s in Rome!


Exploring new Street Food Markets – this amazing pulled pork burger was bought and eaten at Maltby Street. My top tip for finding new places to explore is to read Time Out magazine on a Wednesday, pick one up on the tube, they always have a double page spread focus on a particular up and coming neighbourhood to explore.


Catching some serious sun-rays and swimming in the glorious Kalamar Bay!


Polo Antics in Spain in my favourite summer dress for 2016, I can’t wait for Spring and i’ll bring it out again with a leather jacket and tights.


Moving into the new home!


We explored Berlin for Sean’s Birthday – one of the few cities I have experienced where I have felt I could actually live here…I can’t wait to go back and explore more of Germany, this was my first visit hopefully of many!


I went a bit bonker’s for a few weeks and made about 15 Christmas wreath’s…people have already asked if I will be doing them again next year. I’m not over the last lot yet…


Then just before Christmas, Sean and I had a quick jaunt to the Cotswold’s. Think open log fires, glasses of red wine, cheese, beautiful stone cottages, babbling brooks – a blog post to come in the new year, but here is a sneak peek!